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Thot Giovanna Genesini’s nipples steal the scene from the Christmas Special

Giovanna Genesini california tv 4

In the festive season, the bell is one of the most traditional Christmas symbols and can mean a sign that something is to come. But what if it comes hanging from the nipples of a hot influencer? Do you know what it means? Giovanna Genesini naked and her nipples stole the show on the recording of the California TV Christmas Special.

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Giovanna Genesini bare not special from hometown

Giovanna Genesinis nipples steal the scene from the Christmas Special
Giovanna Genesini’s nipples steal the scene from the Christmas Special 5

Clara Wellen, Gabi Saleh, Natasha Steffens, Giovanna Genesini and Lana Borges were the hotties invited to the Christmas Special, and talked about life, goals achieved, and dreams for the future. A small retrospective of the best scenes of 2022 was shown, and of course, as tradition dictates, the secret friend game could not be missing on this occasion.

Christmas special

And if anyone thought that in exchanging daring gifts, among various types of vibrators and sensual lingerie, they wouldn’t be surprised, they’re wrong! A beyond creative gift stole the Special’s spotlight: a nipple clamp with bells, from model Clara Wellen to naked blonde Giovanna Genesini. And not to be undone, Genesini, who said he had never used the accessory, with Clara’s help, inserted the clips into her nipples. “You can take the vibrator and apply it to the chest”, suggested Clara.

Giovanna Genesini bare

Giovanna Genesini bare
Giovanna Genesini bare

The blonde didn’t hesitate, and with her nipples clamped, vibrator and lubricating gel, she lay down on the stage floor and started using her vibrator, also presented by Clara, and the models didn’t fail to notice her vagina, just operated, “what a pussy beautiful, friendly” praised the colleagues, who also took advantage of the situation and licked the hot-influencer’s nipples.

Giovanna Genesini bare
Giovanna Genesini bare

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